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Contract to Close – What to Expect

Before your home or property is on the market

  • Fill out pre-listing packet and disclosures
  • Decide on a competitive price and sign paperwork
  • Complete plan of action
  • Prepare your home or property for professional photography 
  • Make copy of key(s)  

While your home or property is on the market

  • Always keep your home and/or property clean and ready to show 
  • Always keep the yard and any parking areas, etc. Mowed, swept and free of debris
  • Always confirm showings 
  • Always leave for showings, leaving lights on and window treatments open 
  • You will receive weekly updates regarding the market from our team

Once you have a contract

  • Allow buyer to perform inspections
  • Negotiate treatments, repairs, replacements 
  • Allow appraiser into your home, building or property
  • Provide the title company with mortgage information, if applicable 

Selling Your Home:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gTtJEZvCOcbAQAZVZo2tVAnT51lngV6L/view?usp=sharing